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Discover the best practices for changing your tires and storing their lug nuts!

Tired of losing your lug nuts, wheel bolts and anti-theft locking key? You don't need to worry about it anymore. Wheel Nut Caddy is here to protect your nuts and you can leave all your worries behind. We provide a simple, quick and inexpensive solution to store your spare lug nuts (wheel bolts) and anti- theft locking key. Wondering where you should store them? They will be stored where they belong – with their associated wheels at all time!

Keep track of your nuts in the most simplified and cost-effective way!!


I lost my nuts twice in the last 6 years. One year I spent over 35 minutes looking for them in the spring. Thank you Wheel Nut Caddy! I will never lose my nuts again!!Jacob Stringer, ONT
I hated going to the dealership to change my tires, only to have them hand me over my dirty lug nuts TWICE a year. I live in a condo and had nowhere to store them too. Problem solved Wheel Nut Caddy. It has already paid for itself many times over.Nancy Ferguson. NB
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