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Becoming an Affiliate of Wheel Nut Caddy


Affiliates of Wheel Nut Caddy receive some of the top rewards in today's market.

When a client on your site is directed to Wheel Nut Caddy via your affiliate linking, our program will track their activity on our site. If a client referred by you makes a purchase you will be given a 30% commission of the sale automatically. You make money simply by placing a link or banner to us on your site, and nothing more. We do the work for you!

Affiliates are provided with a login and password that allows them to track the movement of their referred clients. You will be able to see what purchases have been made as a result of your advertising, as well as the commission you will receive.

Becoming an affiliate is a stress free and effortless process.

For Existing Affiliates:

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For New Affiliates:

Affiliate Agreement – Terms and Conditions

Application and participation in the Wheel Nut Caddy Affiliate Program is bound by the following terms and conditions. By participating in the program you agree to be bound by the terms set out in this agreement.

Application and participation in the Affiliate Program

Upon submitting an application to the Affiliate Program, you acknowledge that you are aged 18 or above and can enter into a legally binding contract. Applications may be rejected if your site is not acceptable as a legitimate or responsible affiliate. Applications may be rejected for sites containing adult content, discriminatory content, malware, spamming, pay per view sites, social networking sites and search engines. Acceptance of applications is at the sole discretion of Wheel Nut Caddy. Review of accepted affiliate websites at a later date that are found to contain unacceptable content for the Affiliate Program will have their Agreement terminated with no legal consequence to Wheel Nut Caddy.


Affiliates are entitled to the use of graphic and textual links from Wheel Nut Caddy. All linking material will be provided by Wheel Nut Caddy. These links must be used in accordance with our Policies. Affiliates may use one or more links to Wheel Nut Caddy on their site, and are under the responsibility to work with us to maintain the links.

Affiliates may not create their own graphics or textual links for Wheel Nut Caddy, and must only use the ones provided. No images or text provided by Wheel Nut Caddy may be altered or modified by affiliates. No identifying information may be removed from any image that is provided to affiliates.

Publication of any material that refers to Wheel Nut Caddy must be submitted to Wheel Nut Caddy for approval prior to publications. Our written consent is required to distribute or publish any such material.

Responsibilities of the Affiliate

Participating Affiliates may display Wheel Nut Caddy links on their site, in accordance with the Agreement and to suit their site design.

Affiliates may not replace, read, intercept, record, redirect or fill in contents of electronic forms and other sensitive information that is found on the Wheel Nut Caddy site or that is submitted to our site by a client, contact, affiliate, or other person

Click through and other traffic-based transactions are not to be tampered by any person or Affiliates on the Wheel Nut Caddy site

Commission tracking cookies will only be created via a direct client-initiated click from an Affiliate site's link to Wheel Nut Caddy

Affiliates of Wheel Nut Caddy are prohibited from producing and using unsolicited emails for commercial purposes ("spam").

Deviations or direct conflict with the Affiliate Agreement will result in withholding referral commission funds payable.The Agreement between the Affiliate and Wheel Nut Caddy will be terminated if the Agreement is not adhered to.

Responsibilities of Wheel Nut Caddy

All information necessary to the operation of the Affiliate Program will be available to all Affiliates. This includes information to allow for the linking from your site to our site, affiliate tracking records, commission amounts resulting from referrals on your site and statistics regarding sales earned by affiliates. Wheel Nut Caddy is responsible for all client and affiliate payments and processing, orders, shipping, order cancellations, and order returns.

Relationship between Wheel Nut Caddy and Wheel Nut Caddy Affiliates

Deviation from the Affiliate agreement or intention to use the relationship in a way other than outlined in the agreement may result in the Agreement being terminated without notice. Wheel Nut Caddy reserves the right upon termination of the Agreement to withhold commissions from affiliate referrals.

Affiliate Commissions from Referral

Affiliates qualify for commission when a product is sold by us to a client who has been directed to the wheel nut caddy site from an Affiliate's link. The commission is completed upon delivery of the product to the client and full processing of the client payment. Commissions are paid on the value of the order less shipping, duty charges, promotional savings, fraudulent payments and returned product amounts.

In the event a product is returned after the commission has been paid to the Affiliate, the amount of the commission resulting from the returned product will be deducted from the next commission. In the event that there is no future commission payable to the Affiliate, the Affiliate will be billed by Wheel Nut Caddy for the commission amount in full.

Commissions will be paid in U.S. dollars.

Affiliate Access to Sales Reports

Affiliates will be provided with a login and a password to gain access to their sales statistics resulting from their personal referrals to Wheel Nut Caddy.

Pricing of Products

Wheel Nut Caddy retains the rights to determine the price of all products on the Wheel Nut Caddy site. Clients who purchase products after being referred by an affiliate to the Wheel Nut Caddy site are customers of Wheel Nut Caddy. The clients are bound by our policies for customer service.

Agreement Term

The relationship between Wheel Nut Caddy and the Affiliate may be canceled at any time by either party. Notice of Terminations is required, unless an Affiliate's adherence to the Agreement is questionable. Commissions paid to the affiliate end once the agreement term has ended. Balances owing to the Affiliate or Wheel Nut Caddy will be settled at the end of the term.

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