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WarehouseWholesale dropshipping is a viable business opportunity, particularly in the automotive industry where products such as wheels, tires, nuts and keys are already being sold online. The Wheel Nut Caddy complements these products as a "must" for storing lug nuts (or wheel bolts) and anti-theft locking keys where they belong—with your customers' wheels at all times.

Dropshipping is a safe and easy business model:


  • Keep no inventory… that's our job.
  • Only pay for the Wheel Nut Caddy once you have already sold it and receive the money in full from your customer.
  • None of your money will be tied up in product and storage.
  • There is no risk of dead stock or unwanted inventory.
  • Leave the shipping and handling to us.

We Take Care of It All

PurchaseYou sell the Wheel Nut Caddy in your online store, then place an order from our website and we will ship the products directly to your customers from our wholesale drop ship warehouse.



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