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How Does It Work?


The aim of Wheel Nut Caddy is to make it easier for its customers to store lug nuts, wheel bolts and their anti-theft locking key. This is a reliable, safe, quick and easy process to store your lug nuts with the Wheel Nut Caddy, you don't need to worry about losing your nuts and bolts as it is a convenient and time-saving solution for keeping everything in one place: Here is why you should choose Wheel Nut Caddy.

  1. 1.Customer satisfaction/ appreciation.
  2. 2.Your Store will save money having the Wheel Nut Caddy in circulation.
  3. 3.Branding.
  4. 4.Comparative advantage.
  5. 5.Drawing customers to the store via our marketing.
  6. 6.Profit from cost of goods sold.

With the help of our custom bolt, you can securely fasten the Wheel Nut Caddy to one of the wheel holes.

No matter what vehicle you have, it is easy to fit Wheel Nut Caddy in all the standard wheels. You can conveniently do anything you want and the tucked-away container will not cause any inconvenience in any way.

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