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Promote Your Business

Market your business with Wheel Nut Caddy. Yes, that's true!!

We give you the opportunity to order the Wheel Nut Caddy with your company's logo, slogan and/or business contact information printed on the container.

You can earn money and promote your business by having your company's logo on the container. Offer it to your customers as a storage solution to lock lug nuts, wheel nuts with lug nut keys and publicize your business. This can be a great opportunity for businesses in the similar industry such as those who services wheels, tires and lug nuts. Following is the list of businesses that can promote their business with Wheel nut Caddy-

  • 1.Garages/auto mechanics
  • 2.Car dealerships
  • 3.Automotive service stations (gas stations)
  • 4.Tire and wheel stores, chains or outlets
  • 5.Big box stores with an automotive department
  • 6.Automotive (and related product) distributors
  • 7.Automotive websites and dropshippers
  • 8.The list goes on…

Get rid of dirty bags and random jars to store your nuts!

Wheel Nut Caddy will very conveniently store your lug nuts, (wheel nuts) with your wheel nut keys and anti- theft locking key. Our container is very well designed and saves businesses that deal with tires, time and money!

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